The Magic of Paperless Invitations

I have shot quite a few weddings over the years, from probably $100,000 affairs, to DIY backyard weddings.  And through each of these experiences, I have taken little lessons to keep when planning my own wedding.

Of all the wedding expenses, I never really understood the expensive invitation.  

I mean you design them, choose papers, envelope liners, envelopes, sizes, fonts, stamps, RSVP envelopes, and cards.  It's a ton of work and a ton of money.

In a recent article in Huffington Post, I learned about Paperless Post and fell in love.

As it was time for us to send out our own invitations, I decided to give them a look.  I chose a design, filled out the information, and paid six bucks.  And in the space of an hour, 30+ invitation emails were sent to our guests.


The best part?  Paperless post creates a dashboard for us to see all the people that were invited, who accepted, who has not, and who cannot attend.  We can message each couple or attendee individually, and receive an email when they do respond.  It also shows what emails were sent, who has opened them, and who has accepted or declined to attend.


The invite itself is really nice, in an email format and Paperless Post creates a simple, elegant event page.  The event page has a map, basic information, a comment wall (with photos) and a lot of other great features.

You can also limit the number of people a guest can invite, and also add custom messaging.

When prioritizing how to spend precious time and money on weddings, I personally feel invitations should be sent via email.  For the convenience of your guests, for your sanity, and for the Earth.